Shrimp Creole Shrimp Creole

Seafood / Mariscos

Camarones Empanizado/Breaded Shrimp
Lunch  Dinner 

Enchilada de Camarones/Creole Shrimp -Braised shrimps in a creole
    sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, onions and wine
Filete de Cherna/Grilled Grouper  
Paella Cubana/Cuban Paella- Saffron rice dish cooked with a mix of
    seafood, Spanish chorizo, ham, chicken, onions, peppers and white wine
Salmon Acaramelado/ Grilled Salmon with caramelized onions  
Trucha a la Rusa/Russian Trout - Lightly seasoned, breaded and grilled;
     topped with hard-boiled eggs, parsley and butter sauce


White Rice Yellow Rice
Moro Plantains
Mashed Potatoes French Fries
Yuca Green Beans
Tostones Black Beans
Red Beans Spanish Beans
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