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Fillet of beef with mushroom sauce and potatoes Fillet of beef with mushroom sauce and potatoes



All sandwiches served On Cuban Bread, Pressed and with a side of potato chips

El Cubano/Cuban Sandwich – Classic Cuban sandwich with ham, roast pork, Cuban salami, and Swiss cheese  
Frita Cubana-Juana la Cubana – Cuban hamburger made with beef and Spanish sausage, served with shoe string potatoes  
Media Noche/Midnight - Same as Cuban sandwich, except served on sweet soft bread  
Pan con Lechon/Pork Sandwich – Our famous pork served with onions on Cuban bread  
Pepito’s Pan con Bistec/Pepito’s Steak Sandwich- Cuban style steak with onions and potato sticks  
Sandwich de Pavo/Turkey Cuban Turkey, cheese, lettuce, onions and Pepe’s sauce  
Sandwich de Pollo/Grilled Chicken Sandwich -Served with lettuce, tomatoes and onions  
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