“Authentic Cuban Cuisine” 

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12-15 Serves

22-25 Serves

Roast Pork - Marinated in spices and Pepe’s secret bitter orange
     homemade mojo sauce and onions
59.95 94.95
Ropa Vieja - Shredded Skirt Steak slow cooked in a Cuban style
    light sauce
64.95 99.95
Baked Chicken - Chicken marinated in Spanish sauce and baked
    slowly, mix of white and dark meat
54.95 89.95
Chicken & Yellow - Rice Rice dish cooked with pieces of dark
     and white meat
49.95 89.95
Arroz con Pollo a la Chorrera - Cuban style rice dish cooked
     with boneless chicken breast chunks
64.95 99.95
Picadillo & Rice – Minced ground Beef seasoned Cuban Style
    with fresh onions, peppers, raisins and olives in a light tomato sauce
49.95 74.95
Seafood Rice – Rice dish consisting of shrimp, fish, scallops
    and mussels
179.95 269.95
Baked Ziti w / Meat Sauce 39.95 74.95
Italian Sausage w / Onions & Peppers 49.95 84.95
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